MiCollab Mitel Collaboration

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MiCollab Mitel Collaboration

Build Stronger Relationships
Connect employees quickly and simply, regardless of their role or location.”

Enhance Productivity and Innovation
Share, discuss, and collaborate on documents and presentations, and ultimately make more informed, timely decisions.

Improve Customer Service
Set up a conference call or web collaboration session with colleagues with ease to quickly resolve customer issues or simply help a customer navigate and locate items on your ecommerce site.”

On-the-Go Connectivity
Enjoy quick, easy access to messaging on mobile devices, enabling mobile employees to remain connected while away from their desks.”

Everything You Need in One Tool
Get a powerful suite of enterprise-class messaging services that includes chat, group chat, team messaging, voicemail, automated attendant, and fax solutions to streamline advanced call processing, voicemail notification and retrieval, and more.”

Reduce Business Costs
With no limits on the number of conferencing hosts, no special event connection costs, and no expensive add-ons to worry about, you can help more people connect with each other while keeping costs down.