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Mitel Contact Center

Enhance your customer journeys and keep employees productive and engaged with Mitel’s enterprise-grade, omnichannel customer experience management platform. “

All-in-One Simplicity
Everything you need to operate a world class customer experience center including built-in Workflow Designer, Speech IVR, AI-powered Chatbots and Agent Assist, Interaction Recording, Quality Management, Workforce Management, Historical Reporting and Real-Time Dashboards.

Design with Ease
Leverage an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to create sophisticated interaction flows for all media types without complex programming.

Effortless Administration
Deploy in minutes instead of days; provision and manage users from all business units through a single administration interface, all without the need for IT resources.

Increase Productivity
Agents manage simultaneous interactions on a variety of channels through a unified web-based desktop or work directly from within the CRM. Fewer applications to switch between means greater agent productivity.

Infinite Extensibility
Integrate seamlessly with existing systems using our REST APIs and easily add non-traditional channels like WhatsApp, WebRTC video and IoT events into your workflows.”